Where To Buy Crop Tops In Philippines?

Looking to rock the latest fashion trend and show off some skin? Crop tops are the way to go! These trendy and versatile tops have become a closet staple for fashion-forward individuals in the Philippines. But where can you find the best selection of crop tops in the country? Look no further! In this article, we'll explore where to buy crop tops in the Philippines and discover the best stores and online platforms to satisfy your fashion cravings. When it comes to finding the perfect crop top, you want options. Luckily, the Philippines is home to a wide range of stores and online platforms that cater to all your fashion needs. From local boutiques to popular online marketplaces, you'll find an abundance of choices to suit your personal style. Whether you prefer a casual and relaxed look or something more glamorous and eye-catching, there's a crop top out there waiting for you. So, let's dive into the world of crop tops and explore where you can get your hands on these fashionable pieces in the Philippines. Where to Buy Crop Tops in Philippines?

Where to Buy Crop Tops in Philippines?

Crop tops have become a fashion staple in recent years, and it's no different in the Philippines. These trendy tops are perfect for staying stylish and comfortable in the tropical climate. If you're wondering where to buy crop tops in the Philippines, you're in luck! There are plenty of options available, both online and offline, to help you find the perfect crop top to add to your wardrobe.

Online Shopping Platforms

When it comes to online shopping, there are several platforms that offer a wide range of crop tops. One popular option is Lazada, which is known for its extensive collection of clothing items. You can find crop tops in various styles, colors, and sizes on Lazada, making it a convenient and reliable choice. Another online platform to consider is Zalora. Zalora is known for its trendy and fashionable clothing options, and you can find a great selection of crop tops to suit your style. Additionally, Shopee is another popular online shopping platform in the Philippines that offers a diverse range of crop tops at affordable prices.

Local Brands

Supporting local brands is always a great idea, and when it comes to crop tops, you'll find some fantastic options from Filipino brands. One such brand is Neon Island, known for its unique and vibrant designs. They offer a range of crop tops that are perfect for adding a pop of color to your outfit. Another local brand to check out is Seek the Uniq. They curate a collection of trendy and stylish crop tops that are perfect for fashion-forward individuals. Additionally, Undo Clothing is a local brand that specializes in minimalistic and classic designs, offering crop tops that are versatile and timeless.

Department Stores and Shopping Malls

If you prefer to shop in-person, there are plenty of options available in department stores and shopping malls across the Philippines. SM Department Store is a popular choice, with branches located in major cities. You can find a variety of crop tops in different styles and price ranges at SM Department Store. Another option is Robinsons Department Store, which also offers a wide selection of crop tops from various brands. Additionally, popular shopping malls such as Ayala Malls and Robinsons Malls have a range of clothing stores where you can find stylish crop tops.

Tips for Buying Crop Tops

When shopping for crop tops, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you find the perfect fit and style. Firstly, consider your body type and choose a crop top that flatters your figure. If you have a petite frame, opt for crop tops that are shorter in length to create the illusion of longer legs. For those with a curvier figure, choose crop tops that hit at the narrowest part of your waist to accentuate your curves. Additionally, consider the fabric and choose materials that are breathable and comfortable, especially in the tropical climate of the Philippines. Lastly, don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and designs to find the crop tops that best reflect your personal style.

Benefits of Wearing Crop Tops

Crop tops offer numerous benefits for fashion-conscious individuals. Firstly, they allow you to show off a little skin in a stylish and tasteful way. Crop tops can be paired with high-waisted bottoms, such as skirts or pants, to create a balanced and chic look. They also provide versatility, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether you're going for a casual day out or a night on the town, crop tops can be styled to suit any event. Additionally, crop tops are perfect for staying cool in the hot and humid weather of the Philippines, allowing your skin to breathe and keeping you comfortable all day long.


Finding the perfect crop top in the Philippines is easy with the multitude of options available. Whether you prefer online shopping or browsing through physical stores, you're sure to find crop tops that suit your style and budget. From online platforms like Lazada and Zalora to local brands like Neon Island and Seek the Uniq, there is something for everyone. Don't forget to consider your body type and personal preferences when choosing a crop top, and experiment with different styles to find the ones that make you feel confident and fashionable. So, get ready to rock those crop tops and stay stylish in the Philippines!

Key Takeaways: Where to Buy Crop Tops in Philippines?

  • You can find a wide selection of crop tops in popular clothing stores like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21.
  • Check out local fashion boutiques and online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee for trendy crop tops.
  • Visit popular shopping malls such as SM Mall of Asia and Greenbelt for a variety of crop top options.
  • Explore local street markets like Divisoria and Baclaran for affordable crop tops with unique designs.
  • Consider supporting local brands and designers who offer stylish and unique crop tops made in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find affordable crop tops in the Philippines?

If you're on a budget but still want to rock the crop top trend, there are several places in the Philippines where you can find affordable options. One option is to check out local thrift stores or ukay-ukay shops. These stores often have a wide selection of pre-loved clothing at affordable prices, including crop tops. You can also visit local markets or bazaars, where independent sellers often offer trendy and affordable clothing items.

Another option is to shop online on platforms such as Shopee or Lazada. These e-commerce websites have a variety of sellers offering crop tops at different price points. You can easily compare prices and find affordable options that suit your style and budget.

Are there any local brands in the Philippines that sell crop tops?

Yes, there are several local brands in the Philippines that specialize in trendy clothing, including crop tops. One popular local brand is Bench, which offers a wide range of clothing items, including crop tops, at affordable prices. Another local brand to check out is Kamiseta, known for its feminine and stylish clothing pieces.

You can also explore online platforms such as Zalora, which features a mix of local and international brands. They often have sales and promotions, making it a great place to find crop tops from both local and international brands at discounted prices.

What are some popular shopping malls in the Philippines where I can buy crop tops?

The Philippines is known for its numerous shopping malls, and many of them have a variety of clothing stores where you can find crop tops. One popular shopping mall is SM Megamall, which houses both local and international clothing brands. They have a wide selection of stores offering different styles of crop tops to suit your preferences.

Another popular shopping destination is Greenbelt in Makati City. This upscale mall features a mix of high-end and mid-range stores, where you can find crop tops from both local and international brands. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can also visit Divisoria in Manila, which is known for its affordable clothing and accessories.

Can I buy crop tops from online marketplaces in the Philippines?

Yes, you can definitely buy crop tops from online marketplaces in the Philippines. Platforms such as Shopee and Lazada have a wide range of sellers offering crop tops in different styles, colors, and sizes. These online marketplaces often have customer reviews and ratings, which can help you make informed decisions before making a purchase.

Additionally, some local brands have their own online stores where you can directly purchase crop tops. Check out the websites or social media pages of your favorite local brands to see if they offer online shopping options.

Are there any popular international brands that sell crop tops in the Philippines?

Yes, there are several popular international brands that have stores in the Philippines and sell crop tops. One well-known brand is H&M, which offers a wide range of trendy clothing items, including crop tops, at affordable prices. Another popular international brand is Forever 21, which is known for its stylish and affordable fashion.

You can also find crop tops from other international brands such as Zara, Topshop, and Mango, which have stores in major shopping malls in the Philippines. These brands often follow global fashion trends and offer a variety of crop tops to suit different styles and preferences.

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Final Summary: Where to Buy Crop Tops in the Philippines?

So, there you have it! Now you know exactly where to go to find the perfect crop tops in the Philippines. From trendy boutiques in Manila to online stores that deliver nationwide, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a casual crop top for a day out with friends or a stylish piece for a special occasion, these sources have got you covered. Remember, it's all about finding the right fit and style that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Explore the local fashion scene and discover unique designs that reflect your personal taste. And don't forget to keep an eye out for sales and promotions to score some great deals on your favorite crop tops. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to rock that crop top and embrace the fashion-forward culture of the Philippines. Happy shopping!

Ready to Rock Your Style with Crop Tops in the Philippines?

Now that you know where to buy crop tops in the Philippines, it's time to unleash your style and make a fashion statement. Whether you prefer browsing physical stores or shopping online, you have plenty of options to suit your preferences and budget. Remember, crop tops are versatile and can be styled in countless ways. Pair them with high-waisted jeans or skirts for a trendy and casual look, or dress them up with tailored pants or a chic maxi skirt for a more sophisticated vibe. Don't be afraid to experiment and embrace your unique style! So, go ahead and explore the diverse fashion landscape of the Philippines. Find the perfect crop tops that make you feel confident, stylish, and ready to take on the world. Happy shopping and happy styling!