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Motiv-8 Slender Balance promotes hormonal balance, enhanced mood, improved memory and concentration along with body fat reduction.  The stresses of everyday life can wreak havoc on the body and its overall function and Motiv-8 Slender Balance’s unique formula aims to relieve stress and its harmful side effects on our bodies, while also burning fat, ensuring that you can live your best version of you.

Make “maintaining peace-of-mind” a daily goal and eliminate unwanted stress. Slender Balance nourishes your body with a revolutionary formula that combines Ashwagandha, Schisandra Chinensis and Rhodiola to enhance your mood and provide hormonal balance, so you can increase your focus and energy. More energy means you can squeeze in more time for you, whether it’s 30 minutes of exercise, cooking up a healthy meal, finishing the book that’s been on your nightstand or catching up with friends after work.

Ashwagandha: Ancient medicinal herb that lowers cortisol and blood sugar levels while boosting brain function to help fight symptoms of anxiety and promote mental calmness

Rhodiola: Medicinal herb used to increase physical endurance and work performance by fighting symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and stress

Schisandra Chinensis: Fruit-bearing vine that reduces the level of stress hormones in your blood, increases energy and increasing physical performance and endurance

60 capsules / 30 Servings