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Emotional Eating: A Prime Ingredient for Obesity

Sandra found her weight ballooning 60 pounds after her separation from her husband. While part of the weight gain was apparently tied to the medication she was taking, the rest appeared to be the result of what can be described as emotional eating. In recent years, greater attention has been focused on the problem of emotional eating for both women and men. In fact, some experts have gone so far as to claim that most weight gain can be blamed on emotional eating. According to Women Today magazine, it has been estimated that as much as 75 percent of overeating is attributed to emotions.

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5000+ FREE Home Workout Videos Available!

We just discovered a website that aggregates Workout and Yoga Videos that are published on Youtube. You can search Youtube on your own to find videos but this site categorizes and segments them for you. You can checkout for yourself by clicking HERE. They claim over 5000+ Free Home Workout Videos are available!

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