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Shop. Share. Get Paid. Become a SoloWomen Guru!

Be a SoloWomen guru. Mention @4SoloWomen and earn cashback. Earn rewards for sharing Instagram stories about SoloWomen. Sign Up for Guru Club Earn Cashback. Lots of it. Simply make your purchase and create a Guru Club account. Pay the full amount now and receive cashback later. Within 30 days, share a photo or video of your purchase on your Instagram story. Make sure to tag @4SoloWomen in your story. After 24 hours, your cashback will start processing automatically. It’s that easy!

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An Equation For Staying Healthy

There are several tips and ways to stay healthy. From fitness ads, to personal training gurus there are many reminders to tell us how to stay healthy. Nevertheless, there's an even easier tip to constantly remind us how to stay healthy. Though it would not be the complete answer to all the wellness issues we may have, we can apply this as a prototype of simple measures. An equation for staying healthy can be as simple to remember as one, plus two, plus three, equals 6.

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