Fitness - "Your Health is an Investment not an Expense"

Today's blog is really the first of a series of short interviews we are documenting. The individuals we are spotlighting are in various stages of their fitness journeys but all share the same foundation. The desire, determination, and discipline to achieve their health & wellness goals. Our goal is to help you build your fitness foundation by providing inspiring stories of people who are working hard everyday, not giving up and not making excuses.

Meet Suzette, she's a Mom, Wife, Career Professional and Business Owner. We asked Suzette the following three questions...

Q1) What is your why / motivation for working out?

A) My Motivation for working out - my entire family have bad genes. All of my aunts & uncles from mom’s side had diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer. Out of 9 brothers & sisters, only my godmother is left & she recently underwent cancer liver surgery. Therefore, I don’t want to follow their footsteps and I’m super motivated to train and be fit.

Q2) What is your biggest challenge and how do you overcome it?

A) Diet is the toughest! It’s about balance with diet & exercise. I meal prep for me and my family. We have 2 student athletes/collegiate athletes so diet is key along with strength training and recovery.

Q3) What is your advice for someone just starting out?

A) Always have fun, take time for yourself, keep moving, stay active, even for 30 min of walking a day! Hire a trainer & nutritionist they’re worth every penny! Your health is an investment not an expense.


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