Want a Better Personal Life - Stop Doing These Things Today!

Guest Blog by Anya Willis

When you're looking to improve your life, there are always things you can do more of — exercise and healthy eating, for example. Sometimes, however, it's easier to take things away. By stopping the following behaviors that are sabotaging your happiness and well-being, you can create positive change without expanding your to-do list.

Talking Negatively to Yourself

Negative self-talk is a big problem, particularly among women. You might think "ugh" when passing a mirror or beat yourself up after making a simple mistake. Some negative thoughts are normal, of course — but when they become a pattern, they can affect your self-esteem, happiness, and confidence.

It takes awareness and action to get out of this nasty habit. Some tricks include:

  • Saying "no" out loud when you catch a negative thought
  • Celebrating your small wins and achievements
  • Repeating positive affirmations
  • Consciously thinking kind, loving thoughts when you look in a mirror

Prioritizing Productivity Over Everything Else

Productivity is great, especially when you're going after big goals. Take it too far, though, and it can drain the fun and fulfillment out of your life.

These tricks can help you bring back the joy, even when your free time is limited:

  • Do something purely for fun for 15 to 20 minutes every day
  • Exercise with friends instead of solo
  • Set aside two no-obligation hours on the weekend
  • Listen to fun or entertaining podcasts on your commute

Staying at a Job You Hate

If you have to fight feelings of dread as you head to work each morning, it's probably time for a change. Whether you're burned out or you just dislike the job, these intense negative emotions can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

Some ways to make a change include:

  • Start a side hustle. When the revenue is high enough to meet your needs, you can quit your full-time job.
  • Get a degree. Online degree programs are a great way to change careers, all without giving up your current income or family obligations. You can work at your own pace at home or anywhere in the world. As you consider programs, check to make sure they're accredited and affordable.
  • Apply for new jobs. The easiest way to get out of a bad job is to get into a new one. Just make sure to be discreet to avoid irritating your current employer.

Before you apply for a new job, take some time to refresh your resume. This doesn't need to be time-consuming — simply use a free online resume template library. You can flip through resume templates and pick a professional design and customize it with your own text and colors.

Spending So Much Time on Social Media

Do you spend hours scrolling TikTok or Instagram every day? You might be experiencing the negative effects of social media, including anxiety, isolation, feelings of comparison, and even sleep disruption.

Stop mindless scrolling by:

  • Deleting apps from your phone
  • Keeping your phone across the room at night
  • Using programs such as Screen Time or Digital Wellbeing to limit usage

It's Possible to Improve Your Life

By stopping unhelpful behaviors, you can create positive, lasting change in your life. If fitness is part of your journey, stay motivated and comfortable with premium exercise gear from SoloWomen!

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels