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Balancing Work, Family and Yourself

It’s every mother’s dream to work and still be able to stay home with her children. While it can truly be the best of both worlds, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As a matter of fact, running your own business from home is a lot more difficult.  You’re juggling all the demands of motherhood with entrepreneurship, and that’s no walk in the park. Even if your job is a side job—a gig job—it requires a lot of work, coupled with your responsibilities to your family. It’s no wonder you find little time left for yourself. But the old saying is true: you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

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Emotional Eating: A Prime Ingredient for Obesity

Sandra found her weight ballooning 60 pounds after her separation from her husband. While part of the weight gain was apparently tied to the medication she was taking, the rest appeared to be the result of what can be described as emotional eating. In recent years, greater attention has been focused on the problem of emotional eating for both women and men. In fact, some experts have gone so far as to claim that most weight gain can be blamed on emotional eating. According to Women Today magazine, it has been estimated that as much as 75 percent of overeating is attributed to emotions.

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An Equation For Staying Healthy

There are several tips and ways to stay healthy. From fitness ads, to personal training gurus there are many reminders to tell us how to stay healthy. Nevertheless, there's an even easier tip to constantly remind us how to stay healthy. Though it would not be the complete answer to all the wellness issues we may have, we can apply this as a prototype of simple measures. An equation for staying healthy can be as simple to remember as one, plus two, plus three, equals 6.

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