SoloWomen Ambassador and Influencer Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Ambassador and Influencer Affiliate Program. For those of you not familiar with affiliate programs, here's a quick definition:

An Affilitate Program is a type of performance-based marketing program in which a business rewards (Affiliates / Ambassadors / Influencers) for each customer brought by the (Affiliates / Ambassadors / Influencers) own marketing efforts (referrals).

In our case, we will pay our (Affiliates / Ambassadors / Influencers) a specified percentage (up to 20%) of a sale for all orders placed using a unique link or coupon code tied to the respective (Affiliate / Ambassador / Influencer).

Example: Customer Jane Smith makes a $100 purchase on using Affiliate John Doe's unique link or coupon code, John could earn $20.

($100 x 20% = $20)

If John sends his unique link or coupon code to 50 friends and they each spend $50, John could earn $500

(50 x $50 = $2500, $2500 X 20% = $500)

If earning an extra $500 just by referring your friends and family sounds pretty good, apply now to join our new program!