Keeping the Whole Family Moving During the Pandemic

Guest Blog by Anya Willis

Staying home can drain the energy out of the whole family, but it honestly doesn’t have to be that way. Finding ways to keep your body moving can keep you energized and more optimistic about your time at home. With this idea in mind, offers some great ways to keep your family moving during the pandemic.

For the Kids (Inside)

When everyone is stuck inside, there’s no doubt your kids will feel sluggish. To banish too much sedentary activity (and boredom!), look for exercises, activities and games to keep them moving!

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For Moms and Dads (Inside)

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy with your kids, but it’s also important to find exercises and activities that are just for you!

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For the Kids (Outside)

When the weather cooperates, it’s important to get the kids outside for fresh air and outdoor activities. Whether it’s in the backyard or a bit farther from home, there are plenty of ways for kids to move.

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For Moms and Dads (Outside)

Sure, you can enjoy plenty of backyard activities with the kiddos, but you can also opt for solo exercises to keep the blood pumping.

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For the Whole Family
Everyone is going to need downtime, but it doesn’t always have to be with TV or video games. Incorporating yoga, meditation and even having weekly family talks can be a great way to unwind and bond. 

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Staying active during the pandemic doesn’t have to be boring. From games the whole family can play to simple exercises that get your blood pumping, you can stay healthy when you’re all spending more time at home.

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