Fitness - "It's All A Matter Of Goals"

For today's blog, we asked a personal fitness trainer for some fitness tips. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey, compete in fitness events or need to be physically fit in your career, the most important action to start with is to have a plan.

According to veteran fitness trainer, Greg Schneider, "It's all a matter of goals". Whether your objective is fat loss, weight / strength gain, competition, etc. it begins with defining what you're trying to achieve. All too often people walk in to a gym and don't know where to start. Not having clear, defined goals is setting yourself up for failure.

Schneider recommended the following outline as a starting point when getting to the gym:

1. Foam roll
2. Light warm up/cardio
3. Light stretch/conditioning drills/calisthenics
4. Strength Training
5. Cardio 20 minutes
6. Static stretch/cool down

Greg Schneider is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist and the owner of Battle Tested Fitness in Sunnyvale, California. Battle Tested Fitness offers programs in Sports Performance, 1 to 1 Personal Training and Tactical Fitness Programming. For more information on Greg and Battle Tested Fitness, please check out his Facebook Page @battletestedtrainer