Before you take a bite of that turkey!

First, let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Thanksgiving is a reminder to all of us to be appreciative of what we have, thankful for our life, the people we love and the loved ones we miss & cherish. We hope you continue to count your blessings everyday and not just on Turkey Day!

Speaking of Turkeys, before you start gobbling up all of that feast tomorrow, we asked one of our favorite health & wellness experts (Annette Waters) to share some Thanksgiving day tips to help you stay on track during this day of over indulgence.

Tips from Annette:

  • Drink a full glass of water 10 minutes before your meal; your brain will realize you are full within 10 minutes - instead of the usual 20 minutes - using this technique.

  • Have another glass of water with your meal, sipping in between bites, to slow your eating.

  • Chew each bite about 15 times or until you reflexively swallow.

  • Once you feel full, remove remaining food from your plate and engage in another activity such as reading, conversation or walking.

  • If you struggle with the urge to continue eating, make yourself a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee.

  • Do not eat again until the emptiness in your stomach returns.

According to Annette, food cravings you experience before your stomach feels empty are mental - not physical - urges to eat. For more information about Annette and her programs, please follow her Facebook page Vitality 4 Life and checkout her 21 day Challenge also.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!